What Is Perishable Food? – Making it last

Defining Perishable Food Storing of perishable food is a topic that requires up to date knowledge, which is what I propose to deliver in this article. You maybe asking “What is perishable food?” In a nutshell, it is food that is normally stored in a refrigerator and includes:- Fresh meat Raw fruit and vegetables (NB […]

Are Microwave Ovens Safe To Use?

                Are Microwave Ovens Safe To Use? These Amazing Time Savers The humble microwave oven. These days this type of appliance is found in most homes in western countries and they have proven to be, not only an amazing time saver but also a very low energy user […]

Health Care Is In Crisis – So Take Charge Of Your Health

We All Want To Be Healthy Health is a critical issue for everyone throughout the whole world. You only have to watch the news most nights to quickly come to the conclusion “health care is in crisis”. No doubt we have all heard of IBM, the solution providers for IT systems, but did you know […]

The Type Of Frying Pan – For Culinary Excellence

We Are All Different Talk to any group of competent chefs and you will find differences in the type of frying pan used for basic cooking. This is because our preferences are determined by personal considerations, some of which might include :- What type of material is the unit made of ? Is any of […]

About Chris

I’ve been single and living alone now for a good number of years and like everyone who is single (e.g. single mums, single dad’s, bachelors, spinsters) I am responsible for the food preparation of my household. I have found over this period of time that a frypan is an essential commodity in the preparation of […]