Health Care Is In Crisis – So Take Charge Of Your Health

We All Want To Be Healthy

Health is a critical issue for everyone throughout the whole world. You only have to watch the news most nights to quickly come to the conclusion “health care is in crisis”.

No doubt we have all heard of IBM, the solution providers for IT systems, but did you know they regularly look at trends that impact businesses everywhere.

Back in 2006 IBM found that General Motors annually spends more on health care (health & safety, sick days, accidents etc) than they do on steel….and they make steel cars.

Likewise, that Starbucks annually spends more on health care than they do on coffee…..and this trend, among most big companies was getting worse not better.

Where Is This Leading

For many years now IBM has consistently issued information to the business world, highlighting the increasing trend of failure of worldwide health care systems.

Using Ontario, Canada as a prime example, IBM predicted that Canada’s most populated province will be spending 100% of its annual budget on health care in 2026 if something isn’t done to correct the situation.

The point is, this trend is unsustainable, it just cannot be allowed to happen but unfortunately all western countries are following in these footsteps.

We Must Take Action

Consequently, the only option is to take charge of our own health.

As a case in point, back in 2009 I suddenly found I was lactose intolerant, meaning no more dairy products unless I was prepared to put up with the excruciating stomach pains that went along with it.

After my doctor told me my immune system was unbalanced and that I would “just have to get use to life without dairy”, I decided to investigate nutrition.

By co-incidence, I was introduced to a product that focused on re-establishing the balance of the 8 sugars that are necessary for a strong immune system.

I couldn’t help feeling at the time that it was a big risk. I was not only grappling with this new idea of nutrition, which it became obvious takes time but also the product was somewhat expensive.

However, I was desperate and decided to give it a 6 month trial. Lo and behold, 4 months later I was free of lactose intolerance and have been ever since.

Mindset Is Important

As a result of this experience and the shock realization, industry has outrageously changed our food over the last 50 years, I radically changed my diet and included a range of high quality supplements.

These days I eat very little of the processed food which contains sweeteners, coloring, flavourings and preservatives which I’ve heard referred to as “edible food like substances”.

And even though I’ve found it difficult to avoid processed food altogether, the simple changes I’ve made have been extremely beneficial to my health and my immune system easily copes when I occasionally stray.

Back To Science

Ironically, it was Paracelsus, who is considered the Father of Pharmacology and lived in the 16th century, who lectured – “Everything man needs to sustain good health, is provided by God in nature and the job of science is to find it”.

Fortunately, science has found an important missing link. Back in 1996 “Harper’s Bio-Chemistry”, which is still regarded as the No1 textbook for medical students who want to learn bio-chemistry, listed the new discovery of the 8 essential sugars that are necessary for healthy cell to cell communication and a strong immune system, so that the body can heal itself when sickness knocks.

These sugars are Manose, Glucose, Fructose, Glactose, Xylose, Neuraminic Acid, Galactosamine and Glucosamine. Interestingly, these are the same sugars found on mother’s breast milk but only 2 of which are found in our modern western diet, Glucose and Glactose.

The detection of these 8 sugars started a race by research and development companies to develop and patent supplements that contained them.

However, only a few remain, because the high cost of conventional marketing of these supplements makes it difficult to compete with the health food industry’s onslaught of cheaper, low grade, synthetically made nutritional alternatives which are extracted from petroleum, coal tar derivatives and crushed up rocks that are not absorbed into our bodies nearly as readily as their high quality counterparts.

The Problem We All Face

Even though I have the greatest respect for the medical community and the excellent work they do. The problem we all face with our health, is that we live in a nutrient depleted, toxic environment that leaves us stressed and often anxious about the medications we are taking and the low quality food we are eating.

As an example of what industry has done. Research has shown, in 1952 a single peach met the body’s daily requirement of vitamin A, today, because of green harvesting, we have to eat 50 peaches to get the same result.

Unfortunately too, big pharma’s solution, of ‘a pill for every ailment’ and industry’s ‘bigger is better’ have done nothing but strip us of the nourishment our bodies need, typically creating more health care problems for us all. At the same time lining the pockets of those organizations with ever-increasing ridiculous profits.


Our Only Option

Even though our health is a critical issue, it will remain that way if we continue to entrust our health care to pharmaceutical companies and industry organizations that have misinformed agendas.

Alternatively, if we take charge of our own health, we can spend our days living healthy, energetic and productive lives.


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